Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Profile of Board of Directors

Altaf Hashwani – Mr. Altaf Hashwani is Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Exide Pakistan Limited. The Board of Directors of the Company appointed Mr. Altaf Hashwani as Director of the Company in 1991 on acquisition of majority shares of the Company by Hassanali Sons (Private) Limited.  Mr. Altaf Hashwani commanded supply chain management of the company.  Mr. Altaf is now Chief Executive of SSFR (Private) Limited – a company engaged In Manufacturing and Marketing of apparels.  Mr. Altaf Hashwani is a business graduate from USA and completed Directors’ training program from the Institute of Corporate Governance of Pakistan.

Arshad Shahzada – Mr. Arshad Shahzada is Chief Executive of the Company.  Mr. Arshad Shahzada joined EXIDE in the year 1986 and remained associated with EXIDE up to 1993. In the year 1994, the Board of Directors of Automotive Battery Company Limited, a subsidiary company of EXIDE, appointed Mr. Shahzada as its Chief Executive.  Upon merger of Automotive Battery Company Limited with and into EXIDE Pakistan Limited in 2011, the Board of Directors of EXIDE appointed Mr. Shahzada in 2012 as it Chief Executive.  Mr. Shahzada graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore in Electrical Engineering and completed Directors’ training program of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Pakistan.  Before joining EXIDE Mr. Shehzada was associated with sugar, petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

Arif Hashwani – Mr. Arif Hashwani is Executive Director of Exide Pakistan Limited since 1991. Mr. Arif Hashwani is successfully spearheading the strategic initiatives of the Company. Under the leadership of Mr. Arif Hashwani, Exide Pakistan Limited experienced phenomenal growth and diversified the business. Besides, EXIDE Mr. Arif is also director/partner in other associated undertakings.

Hussain Hashwani – Mr. Hussain Hashwani is also a Non-Executive Director at Exide Pakistan Limited. He has been associated with Exide as its Director from 1991. Mr. Hussain Hashwani is also a partner of Hassanali Sons. He graduated with a business degree from United States.

Ayub Hameed –Mr. Ayub serves as an independent Director at Exide Pakistan Limited from 2014, having wide experience in commodity trading with particular focus on petroleum products, grains and bio-fuel. His international experience in commodity trading spans across Asia, Middle East & Africa. He also serves as an Executive Director at Anza Trade, a commodity trading company.  Mr. Ayub Hameed is a Business Graduate and completed Directors’ training program from the Institute of Corporate Governance of Pakistan.

Syed Haider Mehdi – Mr. Haider Mehdi is an Executive Director of the Company since 2004.  Mr. Mehdi is also Chief Financial Officer of the Company.  Mr. Mehdi joined EXIDE in 1992. Before joining Exide, he was associated with Beecham Pakistan Limited, Bristol Mayes – Squibb Pakistan and Linde Pakistan Limited. Mr. Mehdi is Professionally Qualified Accountant as well as Corporate Secretary.

Qaid Johar Udaipurwala – Mr. Qaid is a Non-Executive Director at Exide Pakistan Limited. Mr. Qaid is a graduate in commerce and before his association with EXIDE he was engaged with a Textile Company.

Mrs. Navin Salim Merchant – Mrs. Navin Salim Merchant is serving as an independent director on the Board of Exide since September 2021. She was nominated by NIT to fill in a casual vacancy after their previous nominee resigned from the Board in August 2021.

Mrs. Navin, qualified as a Bachelor of Law from S.M Law College, Karachi, Pakistan in 1987. She is a Certified Director from Institute of Business Administration and a Law practitioner in the High Court & Supreme Court of Pakistan since 2013. She is also serving as an Independent director at Soneri Bank Pakistan and Otsuka Pakistan Limited and a Syndicate Member of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law Since September 2020. Currently working as a Senior Partner at Merchant Law Associates.