Exide believes that the business should be run with integrity and be ethical in all its dealings. These are the core postulates on the basis of which the mere foundations of the company have been laid.

exide_qc_01The company ensures that all the business actions are conducted in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations. The board and the management bear the core responsibility of dealing with and familiarizing themselves with the laws and regulations in order to govern their areas of responsibility.

The company takes care and notice of the fact that operations of the organization do not harm or affect the environment. The company takes pride in introducing itself as a socially responsible organization and contributes to the community activities as a good corporate citizen.

exide_qc_03The staff of the organization is recruited and promoted on the basis of merit. The rights of the employees are a priority for the management and this provides safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. The financial reporting of the company is also done with reliability so that the rights of the investors can be secured and true depiction of the company performance can be portrayed to the investors.

The most essential portion of the Code of Conduct is ensuring that the Directors, Executives and all other employees shall observe and maintain the confidentiality of the Company’s information. They are strictly advised not to misuse the information of the Company and its assets. Conflicts of interest shall be avoided and disclosed where they exist at all the time.