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Welcome to Exide

EXIDE Pakistan Limited, is the largest manufacturers of
Lead Acid Electric Storage Batteries in Pakistan

Exide BatteryEXIDE Pakistan Limited
, was incorporated in 1953 as a private limited company in association with Chloride Group Plc of United Kingdom.

Chloride had its associates in 35 countries of the world and was supported by chloride Technical.

EXIDE ultimately got listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange, now known as  Pakistan Stock Exchange in 1982 and received the top 25 Companies Award 8 times till date. Sound professional management was also recognized by the Management Association of Pakistan who awarded Corporate Excellence Award three times.

The Company believes in customer satisfaction through continuous uniform quality and after sales services providing a wide range of products for various applications.

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Automotive Solutions

Exide batteries are designed to meet the specific needs of the transportation industry operating in Pakistan. This includes automobiles, motorcycles, rickshaws, trucks, SUV’s, tractors, marine transport, generators and other applications.

Industrial Solutions

The industrial power solutions use batteries for backup. Exide batteries are configured to meet varying redundancy and requirements for various Industrial applications.

House Hold Solutions

Exide inverter batteries are designed to provide reliable backups in case of power cuts and voltage fluctuations. The company is committed to bring batteries specially designed to meet ever rising demand for reliable power backups.